Product Destruction

Product Destroyed. Brand Protected.

Information spreads quickly in today’s corporate environment resulting in many reasons for the necessity of Certified Product Destruction.  The guarantee of Certified Destruction protects your company against future liability including, loss of proprietary information or trade secrets, gray market product sales competition and negative PR, to name a few.

RAE recognizes the many challenges that companies are faced with when it comes to proper disposal and guaranteed destruction of products. With all of this in mind we have established our secure product destruction program to meet these needs of our customers. As a leader in domestic electronics recycling and asset management industry we maintain the ability to not only provide certified destruction but also ensure proper recycling of materials.

Secure Destruction Services

All product destruction services are performed at our secure processing facility under video surveillance by our staff of trained and experienced professionals.

RAE specializes in providing destruction services for the following product categories:

  • Product Prototypes
  • Off-Spec  Products
  • Counterfeit Products
  • Brand, Inventory and Copyright Protection
  • Product with Expired Licensing Agreements
  • Promotional Items
  • Defective or Recalled Product
  • Obsolete Inventory
  • Medical Equipment
  • X-Ray Film Destruction

Certified Destruction

A Certificate of Destruction (CoD) is provided upon completion of each destruction project. This is a legal document accompanied by an audit report containing the full details of the completed project. This document guarantees that the product identified in the certificate has been destroyed by RAE. Specific information recorded and reported is the date, time and description of material destroyed including either a piece count or total weight per the project guidelines. Witnessed destruction services and video recording of product destruction projects are available.

RAE Provides Total Confidence that Your Brand and Company are Protected

Some of the industries RAE works with include: government agencies, manufacturing, distribution, financial and legal, marketing and medical. All of our customers select and rely on RAE for their destruction needs based on our ability to provide 100% secure and compliant destruction services while reducing their environmental impact.

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