Corporate Responsibility and Compliance

RAE is committed to responsible electronic recycling and keeping electronics out of the waste stream. Maximizing the reuse of electronics and their components through parts harvesting, redeployment and remarketing is our first goal.

With the increase in State laws requiring that Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) responsibly recycle obsolete consumer electronics; many OEM’s have recognized their role in offering both environmentally sustainable electronic products and also participating in the collection of retired electronic products for reuse and recycling on a National level. Although there is not a National or Federal policy for electronics recycling, many states have enacted Extended Producer Responsibility laws (EPR).

An OEM handling end-of-life disposition responsibly is a part of being not only a good environmental steward but also meeting compliance and regulatory requirements.

Our solutions provide the ability to reach your social and environmental goals while maintaining regulatory requirements and compliance.

RAE offers the following solutions:

  • Program Planning and Implementation
  • Data Protection and Destruction Services with Reporting
  • Full Auditing and Reporting of Electronic Assets and Products
  • Complete Chain of Custody
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • Certified Recycling
  • Certified Product Destruction


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