How RAE Can Help

RAE is a full service electronic recycling company providing solutions for OEMs in the consumer, industrial and medical electronics industries. We maintain the ability to ensure responsible recycling and reuse of a wide variety of OEM surplus material streams, including:

  • Customer Product Returns
  • Warranty Returns
  • Excess Product Inventory
  • End-of-Lease Equipment
  • Equipment Trade-Ins
  • Service and Repair Equipment
  • Demonstration and Exhibit Products and Equipment
  • Obsolete or Retired Electronic Assets
  • Off Spec Products
  • Manufacturing Waste by-Products
  • Defective Equipment

Maximize the Value of Your Material and Waste Streams

RAE is committed to environmental sustainability and responsible recycling of electronic assets, these standards include:

Zero Electronic Waste Landfilled
Committed to making every reasonable effort to prevent electronic waste from entering landfills, dumps or waste incinerators

Maximum Recovery
Through manual de-manufacturing and separation, recover usable parts and materials prior to final refining and recovery

NO Export of Electronic Waste
Electronic waste is not shipped for processing to developing countries (non OECD)

Contact RAE by emailing to learn more about how we can help develop a solution for the recycling and reuse of your surplus material streams.