RAE-mar-ket  (noun, often attributive)

RAE-mar-ket-ed, RAE-mar-ket-ing, RAE-mar-kets

  1. to recondition a product to its original condition and offer for sale in the marketplace
  2. to sell a product to an end user, especially after being reconditioned or refurbished
  3. the act of reintroducing a product to the market to be used for its original purpose, to a global network of value-added resellers

RAE offers two program options to our customers with retired electronic assets of current market value:

  • RevShare Consignment
  • Flat Rate Purchase

These two programs offer the customer the ability to choose whether remarketing revenue is paid in full at the beginning of each project through our Flat Rate Purchase program or as a revenue share through our RevShare Consignment program.

Through our exclusive RAEmarketing programs; RevShare Consignment and Flat Rate Purchase, we offer the ability to determine how best to manage the final disposal costs while producing the highest returns for your electronic assets.

Contact us at Info@RAEIT.com to learn more about how RAE can maximize the ROI on retired electronic assets.