RAE-use     (transitive verb)

RAE-us-ing, RAE-use-able, RAE-us-ed

  1. the process of recovering valuable parts and components from OEM product to be used for refurbishing, redeployment and other reuse opportunities
  2. the act of giving parts, components and other products the chance for a second life
  3. to use again especially in a different way or after reclaiming or reprocessing

One of the best forms of recycling is reuse. As a full service electronic recycler RAE recognizes the financial and environmental impact of this option.

RAE-use main service solutions include:

  • Cannibalize non-functional equipment to construct resalable units
  • Parts harvesting, storage, inventory and redeployment
  • Parts and components resale and redistribution

Through our exclusive RAEuse programs we are able meet the asset disposition needs of our customers while conserving valuable resources and ensuring the highest degree of security and regulatory compliance.

Contact us at Info@RAEIT.com to learn more about how RAE can maximize the value received from obsolete or excess electronic assets.